CITIC Construction Investment: Seven listed scenic spots are open to medical workers nationwide for free

CITIC Construction Investment: Seven listed scenic spots are open to medical workers nationwide for free

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  Mount 佛山桑拿网 Emei, Tianmu Lake, Haichang Ocean Park, Zhangjiajie, Sante Ropeway, Huangshan Tourism, Guilin Tourism and other seven listed attractions are free for medical workers nationwide!

  Mount Emei A (000888.

SZ) Emeishan Scenic Area is free for one year to medical staff nationwide Source: Emeishan Scenic Area official public number On February 13, Emeishan Scenic Area announced that to pay tribute to “the most beautiful retrogrades”, it worked for national medical staff within one year from the date of its resumption of openingOpen for free.

At the same time, Emeishan invited medical workers to watch the performance of “Only Emeishan” directed by Wang Chaoge for free.

Mount Emei was the first to speak out in Sichuan’s 5A-level scenic spot, and it was also the first one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China to announce that it was free for medical personnel across the country.

  Tianmu Lake (603136.

(SH) The two scenic spots of Tianmu Lake are free and open to medical workers. Source: Tianmu Lake Company’s official website. Jiangsu Tianmu Lake Tourism Co., Ltd. is the first listed tourist attraction company in Jiangsu Province.Our Mission.

In order to give back to the selfless dedication of the medical workers, Tianmu Lake announced that Tianmu Lake’s landscape parks and Nanshan Bamboo Seascape will be open to medical workers nationwide for free from the date of restoration of operations to December 31, 2020.

  Haichang Ocean Park (2255.

Hong Kong) The public near the official Haichang Ocean Park is free and open to medical staff. Source: The official public account of Haichang Ocean Park On February 13, Haichang Ocean Park announced that all places will be free to medical staff nationwide in 2020.

As of now, the 10 attractions that Haichang Ocean Park belongs to have announced free admission policies for medical staff in the official public account, stipulating that the date of customizing resume operation to December 31, 2020, including the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas.Medical personnel throughout the country can enter the park free of charge with valid certificates.

  Zhangjiajie (000430.

SZ) Zhangjiajie Scenic Spot is free for medical staff during the year. Tickets are “buy 1 get 1 free” within two months of the hotel. Source: Zhangjiajie Tourism Official Public Number. On February 18, the Tourism Working Committee of Zhangjiajie Municipal Committee issued “Zhangjiajie City Promotes Comprehensive Recovery of Tourism Market” The 310 “Action Plan” notice launched the “Ten Measures” for launching the tourism market, including requiring the city’s scenic spots to open to December 31, 2020, and all scenic spots and scenic spots will be exempted from national medical staff.

Distribution within Zhangjiajie invites nationals who have demonstrated outstanding commendation at or above the provincial level (including provincial level) in the fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, to travel free to Zhangjiajie, and implement free tourist reception upon landing.

At the same time, within 2 months after the city’s attractions are open, all attractions and internal attractions, as well as some hotels and B & Bs, offer discounts on “buy 1 get 1 free” to domestic and foreign tourists.

  Three special ropeways (002159.

SZ) Seven special scenic spots to which Sante Ropeway belongs are freely open to medical workers Source: Sante Ropeway Official Public Number On February 17, Sante Ropeway announced that it belongs to Fanjingshan Ecological Tourism Zone, Nanwan Monkey Island Park, Keqi GrasslandTianmu Hot Spring, East Lake Ocean Paradise Bird World, Chunqiuzhai Scenic Area, Jiuluzhai Ecological Tourist Area, and Langkou Forest Hot Spring are the seven major tourist attractions with a free ticket policy for medical workers nationwide.

From the date when the national health care workers resumed operations to December 31, 2020, they can dispose of them at the ticket office of the attraction with relevant documents and enter the park free of charge.

  Huangshan Tourism (600054.

(SH) Huangshan Scenic Area is free of charge to national medical staff for one year Source: Huangshan Tourism Official Public Number On February 14, Huangshan City announced that all A-level scenic spots (49 54 locations) in the city, as well as other non-A-level paid attractions and “Huiyun”》 During the one-year period from the date of resumption of operation, free discount tickets for medical workers nationwide will be implemented.

Huangshan Tourism actively responded to the call, and within three years of its operation, Huangshan Scenic Area, Taiping Lake, and Huashan Mysterious Cave were operated by the affiliated Huangshan Scenic Spot, and free admission policies for medical workers nationwide were implemented.

  Guilin Tourism (000978.

SZ) Guilin Scenic Area is free to medical workers and their families nationwide Source: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of Culture and Tourism Official Website On February 19, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of Culture and Tourism issued an announcement from the date of reopening operations to 2020On December 31, 2014, Guangxi ‘s state-owned A-level tourist attractions and some unconventional tourist attractions implemented a free open policy for medical workers and their parents ‘parents, spouses, and children.

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