Elderly people should choose health care products carefully

Elderly people should choose health care products carefully

Xi’an Consumers Association recently issued a consumer warning, the elderly carefully selected health care products to prevent the “trap” of illegal traders.

  According to reports, many elderly people have recently complained that some unscrupulous traders use their daytime children to go to work at home, to seduce and sell fake and shoddy health care products to the elderly, and some illegal operators to “fudge” old consumers in the form of lectures.
  Xi’an Consumers Association reminds the elderly friends that when purchasing health food, pay attention to the following five points: First, carefully check the name of the factory on the packaging, the address of the factory, the telephone number, the date of manufacture, the expiration date, etc., whether the label is complete, you should read the instruction manual in detail.To determine the health function of the product.

  Second, it is impossible to believe in the guerrilla “doctor” wearing white dialysis in the streets and lanes, and the “authoritative report” of the so-called “experts”.

  Third, it is best to buy health food products to the outlet store or have a better reputation. The licenses are complete. There are fixed business places to buy from the sales stores. Do not buy products that are sold by door-to-door sales or without fixed-site salesmen.

  The fourth is to ask for a shopping voucher.

When purchasing health care products, be sure to ask for invoices and purchase vouchers, and keep them in a safe place.

  The fifth is to check the contents of the voucher.

Carefully check the name, quantity, unit price, total price and the actual price of the goods recorded on the ticket, and whether the stamped official seal is consistent with the name of the operator.

Otherwise, don’t buy.