Five common reasons for dieting and losing weight

Five common reasons for dieting and losing weight

Although dieting can help you slim up in a short time, few people can always maintain such results, and even more frightening is that when you restore your original eating habits, your weight will rebound and you may be on a diet.Before the fatter and higher index!

So, before you start your diet plan, let’s take a look at the top five reasons why dieting will not succeed!

  Reason one: For most people, dieting is a very difficult diet to stick to, no matter what weight loss recipes, it means you need to change your original eating habits in the queue.

However, bad habits are hard to change because they have already melted into our lives.

Moreover, many bad habits are also related to specific food cultures, such as the high-fat diet of Westerners, the Japanese who love salted fish, the Chinese, and the Koreans who love kimchi. These habits are not something you can change.

In addition, changing the eating habits depends on your willpower.

And people’s willpower is usually very strong at the beginning, but as time changes, in the face of the pressure of transformation and change, the willpower will gradually disappear.

Moreover, you have to resist the temptation of friends to invite appointments, parties, etc. every day.

That’s why sticking to a month, a two-month diet plan is simple, but keeping the results of a diet is difficult.

  Reason 2: Dieting will make you feel obese and deprived. Research shows that whether you are fat or thin, dieting will make you feel very obese and produce a stronger appetite for things you should not eat, such as sugar and mildness.
If you successfully suppress yourself, you will feel that you have been deprived. “All the people are eating, but I can’t. Why can’t I eat?”

“So, after this emotion has accumulated to a certain extent, you start eating and drinking again.

  Reason 3: Day-to-day dieting can make you feel tired or even collapse. Dieting is effective because you are persistently performing.

However, most people estimate that day after day, the diet of broth is boring.

So they tried to find a diet that would not be boring, and in fact, this is impossible.

Dieters move between different recipes, while waiting for them is a constant failure, even more obese than when not dieting.

  Reason 4: Dieting will ignore the emotional factors of greed. It is not the only reason for eating for a long time. Many people decompress by eating.

Emotional eating is the reason why many people gain weight, whether it is too happy or too sad.

People can alleviate these emotions by eating.

Obviously, dieting has no effect on this emotional eating.

Moreover, if you insist on dieting when you are depressed, you may become more depressed.

  Reason 5: Dieters ignore it. Losing weight is a lifelong business. People who need to change their living habits and truly lose weight are those who persist in changing their eating habits and exercise habits.

However, most dieters often say that after they have achieved some results, “I should treat myself, maybe a cream cake will not make me gain weight.”

So, unconsciously, the original eating habits are back, and your weight loss business has also failed.