Gastrointestinal discomfort does not digest this part of the massage, it is more effective than taking medicine!

Gastrointestinal discomfort does not digest this part of the massage, it is more effective than taking medicine!

Insufficient stomach is a common problem in modern people. If you want to adjust your stomach, you can massage it in addition to diet.

Xiaobian came to talk with everyone about where the stomach does not digest the massage.

1, first need to use both hands for massage, and gently placed in the order of the right hand in the lower left hand on the overlap; then both hands at the same time force, according to the order from top to bottom, push the belly, repeat fortyTimes.

Note: For the best results, it is best to have a slight fever in the abdomen.

2, put your right hand together on the abdomen, then massage around the navel as the center, and the weight should be from light to heavy, the speed should be faster and faster, massage a hundred times in a clockwise way; then useThe left hand massages one hundred laps according to this method.

Note: It is best to massage with both hands for about twenty minutes, and it is best to have a fever on the belly.

In addition, it is best to take a cup of warm water before the massage, so that you can better care for the stomach.

3, first of all, the patient needs to relax on the bed, then put his hands on the tail side of the abdomen, then massage from the root of the palm, repeat 50 times.

Note: This method of massage must not be too impetuous, or should be carried out slowly, and feel the hands push the airway during massage.

4, the spleen and stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, Zusanli is a ganoderma lucidum grass in the human body, use it well, almost cure all diseases.

Zusanli is a joint of the foot Yangming stomach, which has a two-way benign adjustment effect on the digestive system, such as diarrhea massage can stop diarrhea, constipation massage it can be laxative.

There is a saying in our Chinese medicine called “three-legged stay in the belly”, which means the problem of digestion and digestion. It can be cured with Zusanli.

The method of nourishing the stomach and protecting the stomach, the effect of the needle is good, and the other methods such as massage and scraping are the same.

5, the four seams are the special points of the outside, which are special points for eliminating food and stagnation.

The four slits were originally used by doctors to treat children’s digestive problems, and it was later confirmed that adult use of four seams is also very good.

So in the future, as long as you encounter problems with indigestion, you can find four seams to solve, massage on the line, it is best to use your thumb to press hard, the effect is amazing.