How do old people have dusk?

How do old people have dusk?

“Dusk” psychology is a common negative psychology of the elderly. It is usually expressed as “emotional depression, mental degeneration”, which is a “unstable factor” that is harmful to physical health. It needs to be eliminated through self-adjustment.Here are some common “dusk” psychology and treatment methods.

  After the retirement of the old age, some people feel that they have lost their jobs, lost their power, and there is no lively enthusiasm in their lives. They feel that they can no longer “operate” on the stage of their powers, and they will feel depressed and cold.This kind of lost psychological entanglement, lingering, seems to be uncomfortable after being abandoned.

  Analysis and adjustment: Because self-esteem is too strong, and driven by vanity, it can’t figure out its own “role transition”, which leads to negative self-abandonment.

From a health point of view, negative emotions, people’s ability to resist disease will decline, and will have a negative impact on life.

In fact, the “lost power” is getting old, just like the season change, it is the inevitable law of life.

The Tang Dynasty poet Meng Haoran has a poem: “People have metabolism, and they have become ancient and modern.

“A retired old man said it well: “The grass is moving with the wind, the right to go with the job, to retire from office, to be justified, what is so frustrating.”

“Remember their words, do a good job of “role exit” with a normal heart.

  I feel that many people are suspicious and worried, and I feel that I am helpless. I can’t do anything for my family. I think that I am a burden and burden of my children.Life is a torment, a kind of suffering, and therefore a pessimistic disappointment.

  Analysis and adjustment: the traditional old-age model, the negative psychology is the leader that causes the old people to feel burdened.

Old-age psychology believes that the endowment of the elderly, the passive support of the fighting room, the natural confinement of the old-age way will only be more and more old.

The elderly are the fall of life, the season of maturity and harvest. In history, many famous celebrities are old people.

Such as Confucius, Mencius, Engels and so on.

We have reason to get rid of those bad emotions, carry out the second venture in life, and create the second spring of life.

  Nostalgic return to the feelings of the elderly are more sentimental, nostalgia for the past, often cherished the pursuit of the past, showing a different degree of nostalgic complex.

Older people who have too many bumpy experiences will focus on the hard life in the past, and they will soon think about people and their hearts. The elderly who have had a career in Hummer are sad and saddened by the cruelty of war.And adjustment: the elderly have a lot of abnormal psychology, such as remembering the recent events, but remembering things long ago; remembering happy and happy things, remembering pessimistic sad things.

Chinese medicine believes that “thinking is the knot”, excessive nostalgia will affect people’s health.

Therefore, everything should be considered as a benefit. You can recall the scenes of the tigers in the war years, or the joyful scenes when you win the triumph; you can carefully chew the words of “the misfortune in misfortune” and “the right path is the vicissitudes of life”.Dilute your ambiguity and feel happy.

  Boring and boring, touching the old age, the physiology is changing, the big things can’t be done, the little things don’t have to be done, and the whole day is in the “eat, sleep, sit” cycle.

Such day after day, psychologically, there will be boring and boring emotions, and life is boring and tasteless.

  Analysis and adjustment: If you have a common life, you can’t be happy. If you have old ideas, you will lack life pursuit and enterprising spirit.

In fact, for work, the elderly have come to a full stop, but for the whole life, the old age is a “comma”, a new starting point rather than an end.

Life must have fun, have a sunny state of mind, leisure can be fascinated by paintings and calligraphy, crazy to raise flowers, etc., so that the sense of boring and boring will disappear.

  The old people who have lost their sense of innocence treat the sunset life with a decadent mentality. They are like a deflated ball – they can’t get up.

Life is lazy, nothing is done, life is like sitting on a blanket, and as usual, his positive image gradually disappears into people’s memory.

  Analysis and adjustment: There are some elderly people, life is very low-key, and their mood is rather gray. It is often not mentioned in the past. Now things are not done, things in the future are not wanted, nothing is done all day, nothing is done, this is necessarily an unhealthy mentality.
People need self-confidence in old age, self-confidence is half life of human beings, retreat, old age, old people are not old, only in this way, the music of life will play a strong sound, the flame of life will burn moreMore prosperous.

  At the end of the twilight, some elderly people think that they have surpassed the end of life, just like the coldness of the sky, and the feeling of embarrassment.

Others are affected by fatalism. What is “seventy-three, eighty-four, the king does not ask himself to go”, does not sing the song of spring, reflexes the dusk, the body can not extricate himself.

  Analysis and adjustment: psychological vulnerability, negative emotions, emotional depression, will make people lose the confidence of life.

Psychologists believe that it is harmful to health to treat senile diabetes at the end of the twilight, which is pre-determined as the “cliff” of life.

Ye Jianying’s old predecessors once had a poem: “The old days are like a dusk, full of green hills and evening lights.” Nowadays, many elderly people embrace the old age with the beautiful attitude of “the sunset is infinitely good, the world loves the night.”

You may wish to go to their ranks and try to make the rest of the heat for the society, and you will feel the beauty of life.

  Lonely and lonely, touching the old age, life changes a lot, the first is nothing to do, and the lack of fun is flustered.

Watching others busy, they can’t help, and they will be annoyed, and they will feel lonely.

  Analysis and adjustment: People retired from the post, bid farewell to many social activities, and returned to the “small family” from “everyone”. They could not accept and adapt for a while. In addition, children who are not filial and long-term separation with the elderly will also feel a sense of loneliness.

In fact, in the old age, there is still a large area of blue sky for people to fly. We can participate in the old university, go to the old age activity center to talk with new and old partners, chat, talk, do some useful labor, and do something meaningful.Such as collections, calligraphy, newspaper clippings, etc., let the loneliness slowly fade.