Daily carcinogenic killer!

Daily carcinogenic killer!

The incident of “Sudan Red No. 1” containing carcinogens has not subsided. Experts say that the carcinogenicity of traditional foods is often greater than that of ‘Sudan Red No. 1’.

So, what are the carcinogenic factors in your daily life?

  The entrance disease is from the mouth, and if we eat improper food, the carcinogen will enter the body.

  These carcinogenic foods are: 1.

Aflatoxin-containing food.

Aflatoxin is the chief culprit in causing gastric cancer, liver cancer, and esophageal cancer. It is produced by moldy food, aflatoxin grown in peanuts.

Therefore, moldy food, peanuts must not eat.


Foods containing nitrite.

Nitrite can cause esophageal cancer and gastric cancer, which is present in preserved foods.

Pickles, bacon, sauerkraut, etc. all contain nitrite.

Therefore, pickled food should be eaten less.


Food containing benzopyrene.

Benzopyrene is also an important carcinogen.

This substance is found in high-temperature vegetable oils that are used repeatedly, in charred or fried foods.

Therefore, used oil should not be used again, and barbecue or fried food should not be eaten.


Animals lick.

Too many animals unfortunately can cause colorectal cancer, cancer of the reproductive system.

Therefore, animal mites should not be eaten too much.


Vegetables and fruits containing residual pesticides.

Since crops mainly use pesticides, pesticides are generally left on the agricultural products sold.

If not cleaned when eaten, those residual pesticides will become cancer-causing “killers” when they enter the body.


Tap water.

The “bactericide” chlorine in tap water releases active chlorine, which chemically reacts with decomposition in the water to form a chloride.

This chloride can induce bladder cancer and prostate cancer.

Therefore, poorly treated or chlorine-rich tap water should not be replaced.

  The nose is another mouth, it can also inhale carcinogens.



Cigarettes and cooking fumes and LPG-burning smoke contain carcinogens that are harmful to both humans, both active and passive.



Some volatile gases in the paint can also cause cancer.

Therefore, newly renovated houses, especially new ones, should not be accommodated immediately.
  Some emissive substances can induce cancer, and ultraviolet rays are the most common.
  Ultraviolet radiation can induce skin cancer.

Especially now, the ozone layer in the atmosphere is destroyed, and the ultraviolet radiation transmitted to the ground is not too long for the skin to directly contact the sunlight.

Summer noon sunshine is the most preventable.

  These factors only increase the risk of cancer. While paying attention to preventing these carcinogenic factors, it is more important to exercise and maintain a happy mood.

The “blacklist” of cancer-causing foods (cold winds) now lists blacklists of carcinogenic foods for reference in daily diets.

  Salty fish: The dimethyl nitrite produced by salted fish can be converted into the carcinogen dimethyl nitrite in the body.

Shrimp paste, salted egg, pickles, sausage, ham, and smoked pork also contain carcinogens and should be eaten as little as possible.

  Barbecue food: roast beef, roast duck, roast lamb, roast goose, roast suckling pig, kebab, etc., should not be eaten because of strong carcinogens.

  Smoked food: such as bacon, smoked liver, smoked fish, smoked eggs, smoked tofu and other benzopyrene-containing carcinogens, often eaten with esophageal cancer and stomach cancer.

  Fried food: After frying over the coke, it produces carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

After the coffee is burnt, the benzopyrene will increase by 20 times.

Oil pancakes, stinky tofu, fried horns, fritters, etc., because most of them use repeated oils, which can cause carcinogens at high temperatures.

  Mildew substances: rice, wheat, beans, corn, peanuts and other foods are susceptible to moisture and mildew. After being contaminated by mold, it will produce carcinogenic toxin-aflatoxin.

  Overnight cooked cabbage and sauerkraut: will produce nitrite, which will be converted into nitrite amine carcinogen in the body.

  Areca: Chewing betel nut is a factor that causes oral cancer.

  Water that is repeatedly boiled: The water that is repeatedly boiled contains nitrite and enters the human body to produce carcinogenic nitrite.

  Experts out of anti-cancer diet nutrition experts said that a reasonable compensation structure, maintaining good nutrition and antioxidant status is an effective measure for cancer.

  Experts recommend plant-based, animal-based anti-cancer health recipes, including three hundred and one beans per day (one third for beans, one third for flour); 500 grams of vegetables, which must have 300 grams of green leavesVegetables; 200 grams of animal foods such as fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat; 250 grams of milk; 50 grams of soy products.

  In addition, dietary supplements can be supplemented with antioxidant nutrients such as VC, carotene, seeds containing VE, plant active substances, hard shell foods and teas from Dove, hawthorn, hawthorn, ginkgo, soybean,The exchange of fungi such as Ganoderma lucidum enhances immunity and prevents cancer.

  Anti-cancer foods Eight categories of anti-cancer foods can be divided into 8 categories.


Onions: garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus, shallots, etc.;

Cruciferae: broccoli, kale, mustard, radish, etc.;

Nuts and seeds: walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, sesame seeds, almonds, walnuts, melon seeds, etc.;

Cereals: corn, oats, rice, wheat, etc.;

Bean pods: soybeans, green beans, peas, etc.;

Fruit: orange, orange, apple, cantaloupe, kiwi, watermelon, lemon, grape, grapefruit, strawberry, pineapple, lemon and other fruits;

Solanaceae: tomato, potato, tomato potato, beet;

Flowering: Carrot, celery, parsley, coriander, dill, etc.

  Teach you to eliminate carcinogens1.

Pickles can be removed by boiling water, sunlight, hot water washing, etc. to remove the carcinogens contained therein.

It is important to note that the soup used for pickles cannot be reused.


Shrimp skin, shrimp rice is best cooked before cooking, or directly exposed to sunlight for 3 hours – 6 hours, the nitrous acid compound can be removed.


Sausages, bacon and other meat products contain a small amount of nitrous acid compounds, do not use calcination.


Salted fish are best cooked with water or sun to remove nitroso compounds on the surface of the fish before eating, but the carcinogens in the deep part of the fish are not damaged much.